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Fiber reinforced concrete segmental lining for Catania Metro Tunnel

N. Bona
CMC, Ravenna, Italy
A. Meda
Tunnelling Engineering Research Centre, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Rome, Italy

ABSTRACT: The use of Fiber Reinforced Concrete segments was proposed by CMC for
the Stesicoro – Airport part of Catania Metro Tunnel. The tunnel has an internal diameter of
9.80 m with a lining thickness of 320 mm. The proposed solution forecast a light traditional
steel cage, mainly along the segment perimeter, and the use of 40 kg/m3 of 4D steel fiber. A
process for obtaining the authorization of the Italian Authorities of the use of Fiber
Reinforced Concrete was followed, according to the Italian Regulations. CMC obtained the
first authorization issued in Italy for the use of Fiber Reinforce Concrete in new constructions.
In order to evidence the effectiveness of the proposed solution, full scale tests were performed
at the TERC (Tunnelling Engineering Research Centre) of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”.
Furthermore, a quality control process was defined in order to ensure the segment performances
during the production.