Your smart fibre solution

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Icon row_0.pngWe focus on providing you with a safe, cost-efficient and sustainable solution. A solution that is based on the needs of your underground project.

A fibre solution for every need:  

  • Easy mixing and easy dosing thanks to an innovative concept of glued fibre bundles

  • Shaped for exceptional performance

  • Extreme network

  • Green durability

  • Consistent quality

1. Optimal reinforcement

No tunnel or mine is the same. That’s why we have the right fibre for the right use. Whether it’s synthetic or steel, we aim to offer you the smartest fibre solution to reinforce your project.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you could make use of a reliable, yet cost-effective FRC material that provided you with nearly unlimited freedom to develop your projects.

FRC that allows you to work faster and be more productive, but steel easily exceeds the requirement of your customers in terms of quality and durability.

2. Cost-efficient: Time-Saving

Using our fibre solutions guarantees you a shorter transport. You will eliminate handling and making costs. Labour, manpower & storage costs are significantly lower.

3. Service

It’s not only about products, it’s also about people. Our unique product offering is based on years of research. Research to find the exact fibre for each unique application. That’s why we aim to be your high-quality service partner. We always find a solution that is tailored to your needs.

Safe design in line with global standards

Our design support is based on international standards and guidelines. We are highly involved in committees and working groups like ACI, ITA, FIB, … Thanks to our worldwide network, we can offer you on-site support virtually everywhere

Dosing equipment

The use of an automated dosing system ensures the accurate quantity of fibres in each batch of concrete. Depending on the fibre type and the required dosage rate, we can recommend and provide either rental or sale solutions.

Continuous innovation, continuous improvement

We believe in continuous and qualitative research. Since its first use in the early 70s, Dramix has been successfully applied in numerous projects all over the world. Over the years Dramix has proven itself as an extremely durable reinforcement and has invested heavily in the continuous development of its most important building product.

4. Global & local partner

We are present all around the globe and represented locally. We have local warehouses to have a stable supply stream. We can supply fibres on time even when you place a last-minute additional order. Working with Bekaert Maccaferri, you will benefit from many years of successful collaboration between Bekaert Maccaferri and other industry leaders.

5. Durability & Sustainability

Fibre reinforcement provides multidirectional reinforcement

  • Best durability
  • High impact resistance
  • Sustainability advantage taking into account the economic, environmental and social requirement of your project
  • High ductility and residual strength
  • Cracking control & hardening post-crack behaviour

By using our fibres your project’s lifetime is up to 120 years, resulting in a significantly lower carbon footprint.

6. Consistency & Quality

We provide the most high-quality products with a consistent performance:

  • Low dispersion (network effect, homogeneous distribution) for the highest characteristic value for your design
  • Optimal distribution of fibres because of the glued fibre technology
  • Controlled dosage, using dosing equipment perfectly designed for glued fibres
  • Homogeneous performance and quality control (CE label system 1)



“Shaped for exceptional performance”