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We focus on SMART fibre solutions to reinforce your underground tunnelling & mining project.

How do we do that? What is the value we offer You? 



Our unique product offering is based on years of research. Research to find the exact fibre for each unique application.

Support to help YOU find the right fibre for your project, not only in planning and design phase but all the way to the end of your tunnel.




Using our fibre solutions guarantees you a shorter transport, handling and installation time, in comparison to using traditional reinforcement methods.




By using our SMART fibre solutions, you will eliminate handling & making costs.

Labour, manpower, transport & storage costs are significantly lower, which result in overal savings up to 30% vs traditional reinforcement!




Another key word: Innovation! We have the Best performing fibres and we are constantly looking with you and for you for the Right fibre for the right use, whether it’s synthetic or steel, we aim to offer you the Smartest fibre solution!




Our Design Support is based on international standards and guidelines, we are highly involved in committees & working groups like ACI (American Concrete Institute), ITA (International Tunnelling Association), FIB model code, …



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Our fibre solutions stand for Higher durability and sustainability. How do we do that? By using our fibres we guarantee:

a. Less spalling

b. Better Liquid tightness

c. Increased Fire resistance

d. Lower propagation of corrosion

And last but not least a Design life time of up to 120 years, resulting in a significantly lower carbon footprint




We can rely on a Global network of specialists & projects , this results in an extensive reference list showing various fibre applications & methods around the world.