Fibre Reinforced Concrete in Mining

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Since decades the use of Fibre Reinforced Concrete in mining has proven to be a cost-effective solution. It enables easy and fast installation, creates a safe working environment for the miners and it is also helping the underground to become self-supporting

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Applications for Fibre Reinforced Concrete in Mining: 

Spray Concrete

Spray concrete or shotcrete is an often used method in mining to create a semi-stiff immediate lining on an excavated rock surface. The sprayed concrete has high ductility and toughness to absorb and block rock movement and can be reinforced with fibres:


Linings for Mining Shafts

Central mining shafts, winding shafts, blind shafts, and ventilation shafts lead vertically downward from the earth’s surface to and often beyond horizontal tunnels.

In mining, nearly all vertical shafts must be lined with concrete or masonry to prevent the shaft walls from collapsing or “sloughing” and obstructing ventilation or otherwise isolating the adjoining horizontal tunnel. Cast-in-place tunnel linings can be reinforced with steel fibres: