Solutions de fibre innovantes!

Innovative Fibre Reinforcement Solutions!

We have the right fibre for the right job. Whether it’s synthetic or steel for temporary or permanent works. We are specialised in fibre reinforced concrete and aim to offer you the smartest fibre solution to reinforce your project.

Assistance à la conception

Design Support

Our design support is based on international standards and guidelines. We are involved in the international committees and the working groups as the ACI, ITA, FIB, and national groups. Thanks to our worldwide network, we can offer you on-site support virtually everywhere

Offre de produits de fibre unique

Unique Fibre Product Offering

It’s not only about products, it’s also about people. Our unique fibre reinforcement product offering is based on years of research and experience. Research to find the exact fibre for each unique application. 

Steel fibre reinforced concrete segments

Fibre: Dramix® 4D 8060BG

Application: Precast segment

Steel fibre reinforced concrete

Fibre: Dramix® 3D

Application: Spray Concrete Lining

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About us


Your global partner for smart fibre reinforced concrete for your tunnelling and mining project.

Our team of experts dedicated to underground solutions is:

  • 100% focussed on concrete solutions

  • 100% focussed on fibres

  • 100% focussed on underground

  • 100% focussed on you 


In the fall of 2020 Bekaert will move its US Dramix® production activities to Wilkes-Barre, PA.
Bekaert continues to invest in high quality steel fiber production in the US, in order to meet ‘US made and melt’ requirements.

Bekaert HQ

On 31 October 2019, Bekaert concluded the buy-out of Maccaferri's 50% share in Bekaert Maccaferri Underground Solutions (BMUS). As a result, the Underground Solutions team will from January onward work under the Bekaert name.

WTC Naples 2019 opening ceremony

If you are in the underground construction industry you have probably already heard about WTC. Were you there this year? Check out what happened.

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