Solutions for Fibre Reinforced Concrete in Mining

Solutions for Fibre Reinforced Concrete in MiningThe mining industry is facing many sudden challenges. Bekaert Maccaferri Underground Solutions offers reinforcement products and services that are quick, safe and cost-effective.

  • Permanent / temporary rock support: Access tunnels, ramps, drifts, shafts, ore passes, …
  • Rock and slope stabilisation: Sidewalls, slopes, retaining walls, open pit excavation, rock cuts, foundations, …
  • Areas exposed for wear and tear: Drop shafts, loading and unloading points, mine roads, …
  • Hard surfaces: Service areas, warehouses, workshop halls, canteens, office areas, caverns, areas under installations e.g. beneath transport belts, …
  • Rehabilitation and maintenance: Daily operations, repair, expected and unexpected events, rock burst, accidents, seismic activities, …


Temporary and permanent rock support

To get to the precious ore and to have an infrastructure that handles safe transportation of people, a network of temporary and permanent tunnels and shafts needs to be constructed. Depending on the temporary or permanent function of these excavations, a different type of support can be selected.

Structural geological discontinuities and the excavation of the rock is leading to changes in in-situ stresses. Rock bolts and nails of different types are often installed, and to prevent pieces from rock to fall out in between and to give visual input about possible faults a secondary system such as fibre reinforced shotcrete (FRS) is normally applied.

Since decades the use of FRS has proven to be a cost effective solution. It enables easy and fast installation, creates a safe working environment for the miners and it is also helping the underground to become self-supporting.


Products for Reinforced Concrete in Mining


Linings for mining shafts

Solutions for Fibre Reinforced Concrete in MiningIn mining operations, central mining shafts, winding shafts, blind shafts, and ventilation shafts lead vertically downward from the earth’s surface to and often beyond horizontal tunnels.

For mining purposes, nearly all vertical shafts must be lined with concrete or masonry to prevent the shaft walls from collapsing or “sloughing” and obstructing ventilation or otherwise isolating the adjoining horizontal tunnel.

By using the appropriate mix design, dosage and fibre type, slipform shaft lining will provide the best solution to ensure:

  • Exposure to the external environment
  • Resistance to internal chemical incidents and abrasion from sewage flows
  • Risk reduction of chloride induced reinforcement corrosion
  • Minimizing of early thermal and shrinkage cracking via appropriate curing, well planned casting and appropriate reinforcement detailing.

For this purpose, the Dramix® 5D Steel Fibre Series outperforms all others, thanks to a unique combination of a perfectly shaped hook, a high ductility wire and extreme tensile strength, even in the most demanding applications and in the most difficult circumstances.


Dosing equipment for fibre reinforced shotcrete

Solutions for Fibre Reinforced Concrete in MiningThe use of an automated dosing system ensures the accurate quantity of fibres in each batch of concrete.

The dosage feeder is delivered ready for use. It contains all components necessary for power attachment and weight control. Bekaert Maccaferri Underground Solutions is your privileged partner for the selection of the right fibre dosing equipment; including installation assistance.

Depending on the fibre type and the required dosage rate, we can recommend and provide either rental or sale solutions to our customers.