Solutions for mechanized tunnelling

Solutions for mechanized tunnellingThe use of mechanized tunnelling has increased continuously for over 30 years.

Tunnelling schemes are inherently complex and encompass numerous variables including ground and project conditions.

Accordingly, specialized engineering know-how, processes and technology are required to deliver safe and effective tunnelling projects.

We offer an extensive portfolio of state-of-the-art as well as innovative solutions specifically for:

  • Steel fibres to reinforce concrete
  • Micro synthetic fibres for fire resistance
  • Gasket and segment accessories

More than 100 precast segment project references available worldwide, using our fibres.



Steel fibre reinforced precast segments.

Solutions for mechanized tunnellingThe use of tunnel boring machines (TBM’s) and the installation of segmental linings have become more and more common in the tunnelling world.
Particularly in urban areas or geologically difficult situations, the use of a TBM proves to be a very attractive option.
The tunnel opening is lined immediately behind the TBM using precast concrete segments.

Product Overview


4D for Precast Segments = the most cost-effective solution


Dosing equipment

The dosage feeder is delivered ready for use. It contains all components necessary for power attachment and weight control.
Bekaert Maccaferri Underground Solutions is your privileged partner for the selection of the right fibre dosing equipment; including installation assistance. Depending on the fibre type and the required dosage rate, we can recommend and provide either rental or sale solutions to our customers.



Benefit from our full service

Solutions for mechanized tunnelling1. For the concrete mix design, we take into account all relevant standards, as well as the specific load bearing requirements of your tunnel project. This will result in a specific steel fibre dosage tailored to your project, which guarantees the most economical and qualitative result.

2. Dramix® steel fibres are submitted to severe quality control according to international standards, including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

3. On top of the steel fibre quality control, dedicated tests for the entire steel fibre concrete mix are performed in controlled testing labs. We have our own concrete lab available to support you.

4. Thanks to our worldwide network, we are able to offer on-site support virtually anywhere. We also offer dedicated dosing equipment, which allows contractors to save time and work with the highest precision.

5. Our global experts bundle many years of tunnel construction experience. They keep a close eye on the latest developments in the field and regularly contribute their knowledge and opinion to the experts’ community.