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The use of Fibre Reinforced Concrete (FRC) is very common today.
Steel fibres as well as synthetic fibres are used in tunnelling and underground projects around the world, providing a concrete reinforcement system that is easy to handle, hassle-free, and safe.
Say goodbye to traditional reinforcing steel!

Steel fibres

Dramix® represents a new way of doing things — this new range of Dramix® products is taking steel fibre reinforcement to a whole new level. Stronger, safer, and more durable. And even more convenient to use. Depending on the application, we have the right fibre for the right use.

Dramix® 3D fibres

Combining high performance, durability and ease-of-use, 3D provides you with a time-saving and cost-efficient…

Dramix® 4D Fibres

The Dramix® 4D steel fibres from Bekaert are the ideal solution for applications where steel fibres are combined…

Dramix® 5D Fibres

The Dramix® 5D series provides you with the ultimate in performance, thanks to a unique combination…

Synthetic Fibres

Synthetic Fibres are resistant to most acid and alkaline environments, and are the ideal solution for non load bearing reinforcements or temporary linings for mining, allowing large deformations. They also can be used as an anti-spalling aid in case of fire.

Duomix® M6 Fire

Increased fire resistance in combination with steel fibres, fine structure, high density to increase concrete…

Synmix® 55

Synmix® macro synthetic fibres are used for temporary support allowing large deformations…